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From: ddf <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 08:34:27 -0700 (PDT)
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On Jun 3, 3:53 am, Randolf Geist <> wrote:
> > We refresh this view every 30 seconds automatically.
> > Sometimes underlying tables will be updated by users and they want to
> > generate a report right away with the updated data.
> > They don't want to wait next 30 seconds, for the latest data. So want
> > to provide a manually refresh so that latest data will updated in
> > materialized view.
> Naga,
> although I second the doubts that this design is sound, if you really
> have the need for "real-time" refreshes why not go for the ON COMMIT
> refresh clause of the materialized view?
> Regards,
> Randolf
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Depending upon how long the refresh actually takes, using the ON COMMIT refresh option can increase the time required to complete the insert/update/delete transactions to the defining tables, which may be an unacceptable option especially if this is an OLTP system. Granted a 30-second refresh schedule is (in my mind) ridiculous, but using ON COMMIT may slow down transactions to an unacceptable level.

Of course we know nothing of this system outside of the 30-second refresh schedule for a materialized view for which we have no definition.

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