Klein Tools Nut Driver 632 - Cushn-Grip - Drive-A-Matic - Adj. 1/4in.-7/16in. Hex

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Date: Friday, 22 May 09 9:18:38 GMT
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If you imagine carrying a light tool bag because this is a multi-diameter tool, think twice. This tool is not for very tight nuts (it cannot hold them if the nuts are very tight), in general is way better than your own fingers but again, if the nut is solid tight it will not move it. Solution, get fixed measure drivers for whatever you face most times and keep this one as spare for the rest; remember, it works either in standard or metric. I inspected the tool, the technical concept is good but the holding teeth are not flat but rounded and that's what makes this tool fail. I'm still on the fence with this product. I have only used it a couple of times and I wish I could get it to lock in better, but the idea is great. Automatically fits 15 different nut and screw sizes. Eliminates hunting for the right driver. Hex head adjusts to the proper size as you turn it. Will drive or loosen hex nuts from 1/4" to 7/16", hex head screws from No. 6 to 1/4", and socket-head cap screws from No. 8 to 5/16". Tough plastic handle with comfort-grip to protect hands, makes turning easy.

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