Re: Strange memory error during import ...

From: Michael Austin <>
Date: Sat, 09 May 2009 18:31:31 -0500
Message-ID: <wloNl.22005$> wrote:
> I am on Oracle on HP UNXI 11. When doing import after all
> tables have been imported,
> I get following emmory errors. I have seen it in 2 different database
> instances. No clue, why this error
> Occurs.
> sh: 3127 Memory fault
> sh: 3300 Memory fault
> sh: 3441 Memory fault
> sh: 3471 Memory fault
> sh: 3528 Memory fault
> sh: 3531 Memory fault
> sh: 3535 Memory fault

ensure your shared memory segements are set correctly to support your database:

The maximum size, in bytes, of a single shared memory segment. For best performance, it should be large enough to hold the entire SGA.

The minimum size, in bytes, of a single shared memory segment.

The maximum number of shared memory segments that can be attached (i.e. used) by a single process.

This determines how many shared memory segments can be on the system.

The amount of shared memory that can be allocated system-wide.

either that or your system has a DIMM going bad... Received on Sat May 09 2009 - 18:31:31 CDT

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