Re: Restoring to a different database name

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Date: Sat, 9 May 2009 14:24:38 -0700 (PDT)
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On May 9, 3:23 pm, Topher <> wrote:
> In my development environment, I have two machines, each of which has
> a database called "C1" (that's the value we use for the SID and all
> those other things that identify the DB).
> I need to replicate one of these databases that's on the first machine
> onto the second machine, without overwriting what I already am calling
> "C1" on the second machine.  I want to call the new copy "C2".
> I used expdp to create a full database dump of C1 on the first
> machine.  On the second machine, I used dbca to create C2, and set my
> shell's environment variables to refer to that.
> I thought that when I used impdp it would import into C2.  But no, it
> complained about all these problems creating things in C1.
> So I tried impdp with the "remap_datafile=C1:C2" option, but that
> doesn't seem to fix it.
> Can anyone help me here?  Thanks.

Give us some relevant details like oracle versions and patchsets operating systems etc.

In a case like this I would usually think about a database link from c2 to c1 and do something like this ...

  1. drop the schemas you are going to import into c2
  2. re-create empty the schemas in c2
  3. impdp schemas=list_of_schemas_comma_separated parallel=X network_link=the_link_name directory=EXPORTS logfile=impdp_schema_list_from_some_link_name.log
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