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From: Michael Austin <>
Date: Sun, 03 May 2009 16:57:49 -0500
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Shakespeare wrote:
> Michael Austin schreef:
>> joel garry wrote:

>>> On Apr 30, 8:56 am, Shakespeare <> wrote:
>>>> Michael Austin schreef:
>>>>> ddf wrote:
>>>>>> On Apr 30, 8:25 am, Mark D Powell <> wrote:
>>>>>>> On Apr 30, 9:06 am, BeginnerDBA <> wrote:
>>>>>>>> Hi All,
>>>>>>>> By using Oracle Enterprise Manager I can tune my database..I 
>>>>>>>> have been
>>>>>>>> using it on Windows, however not yet on Unix, I am looking for some
>>>>>>>> you think recommendable installing EM on Unix or WISE
>>>>>>>> product, I was hearing about it, but honestly I don't know how much
>>>>>>>> usefull would be.
>>>>>>>> One more thing....Would you mind giving me some guide how can I 
>>>>>>>> tune
>>>>>>>> it in the meanwhile??? is growing so fast.
>>>>>>>> Thank you.
>>>>>>> You do not need EM to tune your database nor do you have to have a
>>>>>>> license for the EM Performance Pack so that you can use the AWR.  
>>>>>>> You
>>>>>>> can tune the database using SQLPlus, statspack, and the information
>>>>>>> available to you in the Oracle Performance and Tuning manual, the
>>>>>>> Oracle version# Reference manual, and the DBA Administration manual.
>>>>>>> You can install and configure EM to access your UNIX server based
>>>>>>> Oracle databases if you wish.  EM is a nice product but it is only a
>>>>>>> tool and sometimes the designers lowest common denominator approach
>>>>>>> does not result in the best advice being issued from some of the EM
>>>>>>> features.  Unless the pricing has changed on the Performance 
>>>>>>> packs it
>>>>>>> is also expensive.
>>>>>>> The fact that you database is rapidly growing may be a space
>>>>>>> management issue, and will likely be an applicaiton SQL tunign 
>>>>>>> issue,
>>>>>>> but is not in itself a database tuning issue.  There are several 
>>>>>>> rdbms
>>>>>>> data dictionary views that exist to help manage space including:
>>>>>>> dba_segments, dba_data_files, dba_free_space, dba_extents, and
>>>>>>> dba_temp_files.
>>>>>>> The best advice anyone can give you is to read the Oracle manuals:
>>>>>>> Concepts, DBA Admin, Backup and Recovery, first few chapters of SQL
>>>>>>> manual, Performance and Tuning, and so on until you have read all 
>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>> manuals that cover the features you use.
>>>>>>> There is no substitute for knowledge.
>>>>>>> HTH -- Mark D Powell --
>>>>>> I do not find a 'Performance Pack' offered; I do find a 'Diagnostic
>>>>>> Pack' which provides access to the Automatic Workload Repository, and
>>>>>> that pack does require a license:
>>>>> A company that I am aware of had the DiagPack included for free 
>>>>> because
>>>>> you cannot NOT install parts of it, nor can you remove it from 10g 
>>>>> on...
>>>>> And the for new "phone-home" support to function, it must be 
>>>>> installed -
>>>>> comes "free" with your support contract (forget what it is called
>>>>> today). Was called  CM then SCM? (tab on the main metalink page after
>>>>> login - sorry don't have access to it at the moment).
>>>>> Anything that cannot be removed, which means it is a CORE piece of the
>>>>> product, IMProfessionalO should be included in any licensing 
>>>>> agreement.
>>>>>> David Fitzjarrell
>>>> Unfortunately, you have to pay for options when you use them. It may be
>>>> so they can not be removed, but they can be disabled (e.g. through EM).
>>>> An Oracle compliancy audit will check if they are disabled. If not,
>>>> you'll have to bleed.
>>>> Shakespeare
>>>> Shakespeare

>>> I was under the impression it was more subtle than that - there are
>>> some features used internally by the db, but you have to pay to use
>>> them yourself. So you can't really disable them. Don't have time to
>>> research just now, so take with grain of salt. (I quickly found the
>>> MS FUD about AWD and ADDM tables being used internally, but wouldn't
>>> want to quote that). But I will quote this: "Instrumentation has been
>>> built into every layer of the technology stack, capturing vital
>>> metadata that will be used to diagnose problems and storing the
>>> information in the database itself in the Automatic Workload
>>> Repository (AWR)a fundamental component of the new management
>>> infrastructure that plays a central role as the "data warehouse of the
>>> database."

>>> I will point out that there are useful displays in dbconsole that
>>> don't require the licensing. I find a few things I use all the time,
>>> much better visualization than any script I've seen, including the
>>> space and gross performance issues. For the OP situation of a newbie,
>>> my advice continues to be, get a working knowledge of dbconsole, and a
>>> deep knowledge of how to figure out stuff as Mark advised. And
>>> definitely second what Mark said about the tools, and apply it to
>>> advice in general, which has been succinctly described by the wise as
>>> "trust but verify."

>>> I think some of the options (or their commercial equivalents) are
>>> worth it, but it can be difficult to justify to a cost-conscious
>>> management. Also note (I only just noticed the
>>> Embarcadero thing, I hope the sash stays around until I can get around
>>> to trying it).

>>> jg
>>> --
>>> is bogus.
>>> What's in a swine, eh?
>> I consider anything they include - that I am not able to remove or 
>> have the option to not install like those book clubs years ago... They 
>> would send you a book about jungle cats and then call and harass you 
>> until you paid for it.  The law said that because you did not request 
>> it, not only did you not have to pay for it, but you also did not have 
>> to return it.  I see no difference in what companies like Oracle are 
>> doing.  It is basically a bait-and-switch feature.  I have never seen 

>> any court rulings that this is true of Oracle, but wouldn't surprise 
>> me if they exist and were "sealed" to prevent us from seeing them.
> Unfortunately, you accept the license terms before using the product. 
> And it's in... the license terms. You did not accept a book club > license, did you?

You make sure you talk to the sales guy before downloading, installing and using it to ensure you only pay for what you use/want.

> I have just been confronted with a customer, not disabling nor using the 
> extra options on EE. Oracle wanted them to PAY for the options after a 
> license audit....
> We succeeded in negotiating not having to pay for them.....

Again, if you cannot decline to install or remove "extra-cost items" they cannot in all good conscience make you pay for them regardless of the licensing agreement that you never signed.

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