Re: Busty Laptest

From: joel garry <>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 13:08:54 -0700 (PDT)
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On Apr 24, 12:31 pm, "Preston" <dontwant..._at_nowhere.invalid> wrote:
> ddf wrote:
> > On Apr 24, 11:25 am, SQUEEL <> wrote:
> > > This site has busty laptest of all types.
> > > for more info Visit
> For fuck's sake David, will you pack it in? Most usenet servers delete
> this shit at source, so most of us are blissfully unaware of it until
> *you* quote it; which makes you the biggest spammer here. If you can't
> be bothered to use a proper usenet provider then that's your problem -
> stop inflicting it on the rest of us.
> --
> Preston.

How come everyone is jumping on David all of a sudden? Those of us using google are not blissfully unaware, we don't have killfiles, if you aren't using google and you don't like him can't you killfile him?

What makes you think most servers delete this stuff? Usenet servers just push spam right along. Email may be different at endpoints, but is still mostly spam in storage and transit.


-- is bogus.  “The obligation is on all of us not to do stupid
things.” - Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat, about to buy Chrysler,
probably waiting to pick and choose pieces out of bankruptcy.  Daimler
bought Chrysler for $36 billion, then sold it to Cerberus for $8B plus
$18B unfunded pension and healthcare liabilities, who would have their
equity wiped out in a bankruptcy (and Daimler would lose a billion
more).  US taxpayers are now on the hook for the unfunded part.  So we
would all have been better off if we had gotten Hillary's healthcare
plan and fixed social security, carefully planning and doing rather
than not doing and fixing a black swan disaster.  Funny how that works.
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