Re: Creating DB link with SQL Server

From: Michael Austin <>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 17:29:54 -0500
Message-ID: <QbtFl.4946$> wrote:
> On Apr 15, 10:09 pm, IM <> wrote:
>> On Apr 15, 9:11 am, yossarian <> wrote:
>>> Mladen Gogala wrote:
>>>>> Just to add to it, the oracle DB is installed on a linux platform
>>>> And on which platform is  SQL Server installed? Just kidding, we all know
>>>> that there can be only one, as in Highlander. You can buy a transparent
>>>> gateway for SQL Server and Oracle will allow you to create a DB link
>>>> pointing to SQL Server
>>> You may also want to try a free solution using Oracle Heterogeneous
>>> Services, UnixODBC and FreeTDS ( and see if it
>>> fit your needs.
>>> Y.
>> You can also go from SQL Server to Oracle with "Linked Servers" in SQL
>> Server.  May not be what you are after but it's there for you anyway.
>> Cheers,
>> IM

> Is anyone aware of any good online documentation that i can use to
> connect from SQL Server 2000 to Oracle 10G (residing on a 64 bit linux
> system). I found few documentation on transparent gateways which
> allows vice versa connection. Would be gratefull if anyone can point
> me on how i can connection from SQL Server as well.
> Thanks.

did you read any of the previous post where we recommended DTS


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