Re: How stable is Oracle 11i?

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Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2009 15:43:53 -0700 (PDT)
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On Apr 11, 12:12 am, wrote:
> I have some Oracle 9i based databases. These database are used for
> critical production systems, We are looking to upgrade the databases
> to newer version of Orcale. I am wondering whether I can upgrade them
> to 11g (instead of Oracle 10.2.0.x), I find Oracle 11g has lots of
> nice features, I however want to make  sure I do not run into problems
> if I use Oracle11g since our databases  are critical to business.
> I am using HP UNIX 11i.
Well I would be changing my cdos name from hpuxrac to linux11g if I knew how to do that. We are in the process of completing a migration from hpux to 11g for all of my systems ... days to completion is measured in weeks not months.

Certainly you have to test. Certainly 11.2 is just around the corner relatively speaking.

Except for one really flaky thing with a recover database ( check for my recent posts if you wish ) that does have a documented bypass I have not seen any show stoppers on ... your mileage may vary.

The performance on 11g on linux OEL 5.x on fairly generic servers is pretty astonishing. ( Well quad core intel xeon's ). Looks like nehalem offers some pretty incredible upgrade paths .... who needs rac anyway?

Give me an email back if you want a phone call etc.

Good luck! Received on Sat Apr 11 2009 - 17:43:53 CDT

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