Re: How stable is Oracle 11i?

From: Michael Austin <>
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2009 19:18:47 -0500
Message-ID: <IkaEl.2124$> wrote:
> On Apr 11, 12:12 am, wrote:
>> I have some Oracle 9i based databases. These database are used for
>> critical production systems, We are looking to upgrade the databases
>> to newer version of Orcale. I am wondering whether I can upgrade them
>> to 11g (instead of Oracle 10.2.0.x), I find Oracle 11g has lots of
>> nice features, I however want to make  sure I do not run into problems
>> if I use Oracle11g since our databases  are critical to business.
>> I am using HP UNIX 11i.

> Well I would be changing my cdos name from hpuxrac to linux11g if I
> knew how to do that. We are in the process of completing a migration
> from hpux to 11g for all of my systems ... days to completion is
> measured in weeks not months.
> Certainly you have to test. Certainly 11.2 is just around the corner
> relatively speaking.
> Except for one really flaky thing with a recover database ( check for
> my recent posts if you wish ) that does have a documented bypass I
> have not seen any show stoppers on ... your mileage may vary.
> The performance on 11g on linux OEL 5.x on fairly generic servers is
> pretty astonishing. ( Well quad core intel xeon's ). Looks like
> nehalem offers some pretty incredible upgrade paths .... who needs rac
> anyway?
> Give me an email back if you want a phone call etc.
> Good luck!

Given some of the comments here about OEL 5.x, I am not sure I would have dumped HPUX and jump to commodity boxes just yet... I am not so much worried about speed as I am stability in the platform. So far, I still see Linux as a "toy" OS not yet ready for prime time. You may disagree and that is okay. It may be right for your application. I am, at this point, not willing to bet my uptime numbers on it :) Received on Sat Apr 11 2009 - 19:18:47 CDT

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