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Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 11:08:09 -0700 (PDT)
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On Apr 6, 12:25 pm, "" <> wrote:
> Hi All -
> I need your suggestion to evaluate the processes/practices in one
> project.

Which project? If you won't post any details how can you expect others to help you?

> Manager wants to see the
> comprehensive audit/evaluation for database track and come with
> suggestion for cost saving/improvement plans.

And what, exactly, has been done along this 'database track'? You've provided absolutely no useful information regarding your request and yet you expect us to magically produce this complete evaluation. This is very much like calling a mechanic miles away from you and stating, 'My car doesn't start. What's wrong with it?' This mechanic can't see your car, so how can he or she deduce what may be in need of repair?

> Can any one of you give me some link of good documents

What, in your mind, would constitute 'good documents'? We certainly don't know that information given what little data you've seen fit to print.

> and share your thoughts where I need to look.

In your project specifcations, as a start. We don't have that outline, so how can we point you in any useful direction?

> I searched on metalink, oracle forum but all the documents are core-
> technical on one product like best practices for implement X or Y.

And you're trying to implement X on T? B on Q? G on E? U on M? Have I missed any letters which deserve your concern?

> These docs are good but I am looking something more broader view which
> can be submitted to management.

Oh, so you're looking for someone else to do your work for you? Most here charge for that privilege.

> I would appreciate all your suggestions.

Ask complete questions with sufficient detail to provide an answer, not these exercises in futility which you posted here where more is missing than has been given. And don't expect others to understand YOUR projects and environment if you won't post enough detail to explain what you need or want to do. Don't expect others to do your work for you simply because you can come to a newsgroup and post a poorly-documented question, sit back, and choose to do nothing execpt wait for the "golden responses" to flow.

> Regards,
> Lyx

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