Re: Edit records with an Oracle client

From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 2009 18:52:53 +0200
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Ed Prochak schreef:
> On Mar 31, 6:55 pm, francan <> wrote:
>> On Mar 31, 7:41 pm, Palooka <> wrote:
>>> francan wrote:
>>>> On Mar 30, 10:08 pm, Palooka <> wrote:
>>>>> francan wrote:
>>>>>> I just loaded the 10g client EM on my Windows workstation to connect
>>>>>> to our 10g database.
>>>>>> Everything works great except I dont see any place where I can edit
>>>>>> records. I have to use SQL Plus to edit records but was hoping to use
>>>>>> a GUI like I had with 9i client OEM.
>>>>>> Before we had 10g, I used to have the 9i OEM and it let me edit
>>>>>> records in 9i OEM where I could add, delete and update records with a
>>>>>> user friendly interface.
>>>>>> Please advise where or how I can edit records in 10g EM or Oracle
>>>>>> client?
>>>>> You want to edit in a spreadsheet like grid in 10g? You can use
>>>>> iSQL*Plus, SQL Developer, or any number of tools.
>>>>> Palooka
>>>> Yes, I would like to edit like speadsheet.  I did try the iSQL*Plus
>>>> but didnt see anywhere to edit records because it just gave me
>>>> workspace and history view:
>>>> http://myMachineNameHere:5560/isqlplus/
>>>> Please advise did I get the right isqlplus area?
>>> Sorry, I may have made a mistake here. iSQL*Plus may not allow editing
>>> in that fashion. It's been a while since I used it, and it is
>>> discontinued now anyway, IIRC.
>>> Use SQL Developer, or any number of other tools, if you must do this.
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>> Thanks,
>> I assume I only need the 10g EM for my local database dba functions
>> only and it is mostly suppose to be used for DBA work?   SQL Developer
>> is mostly geared toward editing records and not a DBA tool?

> SQL Developer is mostly geared for developers, not for end users.
> Which are you? It appears you are likely an end user because of the
> terminology you use ("edit records"). Oracle is a relational database
> management system (RDBMS). It contains rows of data, not records. It
> is not a GUI application like MS Access or Excel. I sincerely hope you
> are not accessing a production database because you are likely to
> cause real problems without even knowing it. I suggest you get some
> real training on databases before going much further.
> maybe you really want ORACLE Discoverer.
> Ed

With Oracle Discoverer one can not edit records...

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