Re: Migrate from Oracle 9i to 10g on new Hardware

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Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 15:22:49 -0700 (PDT)
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On Mar 11, 12:22 pm, wrote:
> On Mar 11, 2:33 pm, Brian  Baumann <> wrote:
> > Our application that requires Oracle only supports 10g at this point.
> > So, what I would need to do is do a full install of 10g software on
> > the new server and then import a 9i dump? I am having troubles
> > locating documentation on using these steps and going forward.
> > Thanks Ed!
> What OS is this?
> There are tutorials /examples for the EXP and IMP command all over the
> internet. You may need access to the Oracle metalink site for the 10g
> install instructions.
> Create a new 10g database with the DBCA (database configuration
> assistant).
> Create the user and any custom tablespaces that you have in your 9i
> database.
> You may need to export then import only one schema, if that is what
> your application uses.

A slight quibble: Rather than create a new 10g database with dbca, use dbca to create scripts that will let you create the database as many times as you need to. It may take a few tries to get everything right, especially if you are new to exp/imp and have to go through the learning curves involved in all these steps. It has the helpful sideeffect  of giving you something to start with when you want to create slightly different test databases.

Also, perhaps your app vendor has some helpful docs (though beware, I've seen some give out horribly wrong or out-of-date stuff).


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