Re: Oracle creates multiple shared memory segments despite SGA < SHMMAX

From: <>
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 15:55:08 -0800 (PST)
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On Mar 6, 6:48 pm, wrote:
> Hi All,
> It is more complex: we have 3 servers, Prod, DR, and Test. Each has 24
> GB physical RAM. Yes I know that with 24 GB physical RAM parameter
> SHMMAX should be set to 24 GB, not to 10 GB, but this is how it was
> set...
> All 3 servers are supposed to be identical.
> This is what I observed:
> - On the Test server Oracle starts OK with 8 GB SGA using spfile,
> creates 4 segments
> - On the DR server Oracle starts OK with 8 GB SGA using spfile,
> creates 1 segment
> - On the Prod server Oracle starts with 8 GB SGA using spfile, but
> then immediatelly reports ORA-04030 error before database is mounted
> and opened.
> I had to switch to init.ora in order to reduce SGA size, and found
> that with init.ora it starts OK with 8 GB and even with 9 GB SGA.
> So our "identical" servers are not identical at all.
> We used to be Tru64 shop and became AIX shop in the last 2 years, HP-
> UX Itanium is something new...

So something is different between the servers is that your conclusion?

If so then what is it exactly?

Try going thru all the posting by Kevin that are NUMA related maybe this is a wild goose chase maybe not ... plus check out the advice that Joel Garry provided.

For better or worse sounds like you need to get both oracle support and your hpux admin involved.

Keep us updated with what you find. Received on Fri Mar 06 2009 - 17:55:08 CST

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