Re: Saving Rich Text Format (RTF) in Oracle 10g using PL/SQL via VB/ASP.NET

From: Terry Dykstra <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 00:26:38 GMT
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"George Lewycky" <> wrote in message
> Hi Everyone,
> I am converting from a Filemaker application to VB.NET/Oracle and the
> question that the user has a TEXT BOX where the user is able to
> highlight, color, underline, etc. the text.
> What I am seeing is RTF is the best option for VB/ASP.NET but where I
> am stuck is how to save/retrieve/update the RTF text in Oracle and/or
> translating it back to VB ?
> If anyone has any experience, ideas for this I'd really appreciate
> hearing from you
> Sincerely
> George Lewycky
> NY City Transit

rtf is just text, so you can use a varchar2 column, although a clob is probably a better choice. Your grid control or whatever you use in your application needs to be rtf aware.

Terry Dykstra 
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