Re: ora-3113 creating CONTEXT index on BLOB

From: Malcolm Dunnett <nothome_at_spammers.are.scum>
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2009 15:08:46 -0800
Message-ID: <2U9al.3173$qi.1680_at_newsfe09.iad>

Mark D Powell wrote:
> On Jan 9, 5:15 pm, Malcolm Dunnett <noth..._at_spammers.are.scum> wrote:
>> Oracle Standard Edition on OpenVMS 8.3 (Itanium server)
>> I am attempting to create a CTXSYS.CONTEXT index on a blob column in
>> a table. When I run the command I get:

> Any error messages in the Alert.log or is a core dump produced?

   Nope. nothing in alert.log, no dump produced.
> I found three hits on a search for ORA-03113 and CTSSYS.CONTEXT on the
> Oracle support web site (formerly metalink)
> "Index With URL_DATASTORE Fails With Core Dump" #754924.1 is
> recently entered (Dec 2008) and matches your version of Oracle so I
> definitely think this one is worth a read

   I read that one, but it refers to URL datastore rather than the direct datastore I'm using, so I'm not sure it's relevant.

> Did you verify your ctx_ddl.create_preference and
> ctx_ddl.set_attribute for the index you are trying to create?

I didn't set any preferences, I'm just trying to use the defaults.

I notice that it creates several tables in the schema before it dies (nothing in any of them though):

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