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Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008 10:47:23 -0800 (PST)
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On Dec 30, 9:57 am, wrote:
> So, what was the joke?  (I am creating a DBA Jokes II Discussion).
> Rob.

Do a google groups search on this group with the marker [Humor] in the subject and me as the author. I had added a comment about needing to upgrade the old posts for 11g :-) (One of the posts includes a reference to ora-1555 not being in the alert log, which is no longer true. Some other things are way off, I guess technical jokes age like fine Rancho Bernardo jug wine, or OCP exams.)

Like I said, breaking the interface is a much better DBA joke :-D

Like so many other crappy web interfaces, I'm going to have to remember to compose the messages elsewhere before putting them in linkedin, if I bother with linkedin any more.

This is almost as funny as getting mailing list command error messages while attempting to reply to a blog post about cloud computing. I find great irony in a new paradigm that requires one to put so much trust in some mysterious computer off in a network cloud, while plain old blogging/mailing list bugs are pandemic. (For those who are trying to puzzle out what I just wrote, to reply to the blog post I had fortuitously put in an email address to my domain, that the commercial list software controlling the blog access incorrectly thought was the owner of the blog. It therefore sent me messages about bad commands, which I didn't notice for a few days - I simply thought the blogger was ignoring me, or I had offended him. When I realized what was going on, I emailed the fellow, and much hilarity ensued until the blog software people admitted there was a bug. This was a commercial blog site, not linkedin, blogspot or wordpress.)


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