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From: joel garry <>
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 15:06:58 -0800 (PST)
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On Dec 25, 8:08 pm, hpuxrac <> wrote:
> On Dec 25, 10:17 am, joel garry <> wrote:
> > I resisted joining for a long time, somehow I had the
> > idea it was for headhunters and finding jobs and that sort of thing.
> > My alumni association sent an email saying they now had a group there,
> > so I thought, ok, I'll join for that, there're some people I wouldn't
> > mind reconnecting with.  Maybe some old work buddies would show up
> > too, I miss some of them.
> I tried resisting the linked thing too for a long time also but there
> were just too many people pushing it to ignore totally.  If you aren't
> actively looking for a change usefullness and useability do seem
> marginal.  I am a member ( and an officer ) in our local oracle users
> group and we just started thinking about if we can get any mileage
> from linked ... not sure if this is going to go anywhere or not.  I am
> generally not real impressed with what I have seen from it so far but
> haven't really tried much.
> > So what appears in my email, but someone in the Senior Oracle DBA
> > group has started a DBA joke thread among all the hot DBA jobs in
> > Bangalore junk.  The usual semi-lame jokes, hey, it would be
> > appropriate to link to some old posts here.  Hmmm, no directions on
> > how to post links, just something about "type your comment here."
> > Fair enough, I type a comment, paste in a bare link, see what
> > happens.  It seems to work, I can right-click and open it in another
> > tab, though it seems to throw the format of the linkedin thread off,
> > cutting off the part that shows who I am.  It says I have 14 minutes
> > to edit the comment, cool, I edit it and and add some more comment and
> > another link.  Save it, links don't work.  WTF?  Edit it again, notice
> > that it puts square brackets around the link, and has now put double
> > square brackets around the link, making them bad.  Remove brackets,
> > save, now links work.  OK, fair enough, add more comment, save, edit
> > some more, oh shoot, forgot to remove brackets, ok, edit again... no
> > comment, no link to edit or add comments.  Looks like I ended that
> > thread!  hahaha!  Viewing the html source of the thread now, looks
> > like one really can break the interface with inline code.  A much
> > better joke than I intended.
> Perhaps some way for some admin to fix the thread if you get someone
> involved?

I submitted an official request, but have not heard anything. I suppose you get what you pay for, and less.

Then I get back to work after a week off (except for some working from home), and what do I have on voice mail, a dumb f*ck linkedin headhunter left a message about an opportunity.

Gawd, can't even believe I have to say HEADHUNTERS, DON'T DO THAT, YOU WILL BE LAUGHED AT AND WORSE. She sounded blonde. Don't people realize these things aren't private?


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