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From: joel garry <>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 09:52:42 -0800 (PST)
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On Dec 2, 1:04 pm, "Matthias Hoys" <> wrote:
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> On Nov 28, 7:26 am, Stevo <> wrote:> On 28 Nov, 14:20, "Matthias Hoys" <> wrote:
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> >Yes, many places are still on 7 and 8, and most of them for laughable
> >reasons, like "I'm not going to pay support on a stable system," or
> >"it costs too much to convert," or even "my hardware doesn't run
> >it."  (That last can come from 64-bit requirements on some hardware/OS/
> >Oracle combinations).
> >If you have a plan to replace it with some other system, that might be
> >a reasonable rationalization.  I must say, I've seen that be severely
> >abused, with the other system getting put off until parts are no
> >longer available for the original hardware, and it becomes a serious
> >problem.
> A possible solution for old hardware: virtualization.
> Plus there are tools to convert an existing physical machine to a virtual
> one (p2v). Even works with unsupported operating systems like Windows NT4.
> Matthias

Having to deal often with some Enterprise virtualization (running XP) that is locking up (causing mission critical software with "funny" ideas of what transactions are to need manual data intervention), I can't say as I'm impressed with this stuff in a conservative production environment.

Also, I recently had a situation where an emulator simply couldn't run the old stuff (Aries PA-RISC emulation on hp-ux Itanium). TSOL.

YMMV. jg

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