Re: Does Oracle have anything like SAP Business Intelligence Accelerator?

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Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 21:34:33 -0800 (PST)
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> Perhaps you would like to post links to data that contradicts it?

To use your words there is nothing to respond to, the posturing and fluff is all yours.

Actually hang on a moment, I do have something:

I believe that the majority of SAP installs on Windows run on SQL Server,
I believe there are a significant number of SAP installs on SQL Server of the total of all SAP installs
I believe there are a decent number of SAP installs on Oracle I believe there are a decent number of SAP installs on IBM platforms I believe there are SAP installs on Sun(MySQL) platforms I therefore believe that "almost all" SAP installs are not on Oracle

Now normally the above would carry just as much or as little weight as the post you referenced, ie none as its a random post on the web somewhere, but its still better than any credibility than you and your reference carry.

Lets get some real references in here, luckily I didn't have to go back 3 1/2 years like you;
(this includes SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and MaxDB Case Studies) (this includes SQL Server, Informix, DB2, MAX DB, SAP DB, Oracle Case Studies

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