Re: Oracle 10g Temporary Tablespace OCA Question

From: Palooka <>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 21:42:35 +0000
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Mark D Powell wrote:
> On Oct 29, 6:37 am, "ManFis" <> wrote:

>> Hello
>> a OCA question!!!
>> A system tablespace can have a dictionary management or a local management.
>> is it true that in case of a local management of the SYSTEM tablespace the
>> creation of a temporary tablespace is mandatory?

> From the Oracle Administrators Guide Ch 2 Creating an Oracle Database
> Topic: Creating a Locally Managed SYSTEM Tablespace
> When you create your database with a locally managed SYSTEM
> tablespace, ensure that the following conditions are met:
> A default temporary tablespace must exist, and that tablespace cannot
> be the SYSTEM tablespace.

Surely that is the right answer to the exam question.

In real life though, it is difficult to imagine any 10g scenario where a database is created without a default temporary tablespace (consisting of tempfiles), nor for that matter one where the system tablespace is not locally managed. So IMHO the question is an entirely silly and pointless one (not criticising OP here; criticising Oracle's exams).

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