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On Aug 25, 9:47 pm, love <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a software engineer. I got my training in J2EE and Oracle. But
> now i am working on database only. i dont have to code. i m doing
> regression testing only. my friends suggested me to switch to oracle.
> now i m trying to study more about oracle.
> My question is which book should i study - oracle 9i or 10g ? what
> will be useful to me because i m going to complete my 1 year in IT
> industry in coming November.
> U guys r experienced. plz suggest me what should i do. i m not working
> on java so i think i need to study oracle only. plz help me. i m very
> much confused.

Don't talk in IM-speak, it makes you look bad. See

I'd say concentrate on 10g, but with the proviso that a lot of the docs emphasize GUI, and you really want to drill down deeper and figure out what is going on at the command line level. Re-read the Concepts manual, then download 10g for yourself and work through the examples in Tom Kyte's books, then the other books Vladimir mentioned. Look at the various resources mentioned in the link above to see what issues you should understand. hpuxrac makes a good point about coding skills, you should be conversant with explain plans and trace files, be able to come up with test cases quickly, and dream in PL/SQL. jg

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