oracle Bug with JDBC ??

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Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 18:36:32 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi all, I'm currently doing some research on Oracle 10g server in our university (Uni of Wollongong,Australia). Well, I have a Java file which connects to the database and create and select some tables but doesn't close connection with the codes. and then I try to "select value from v$sysstat where name='bytes sent via SQL*Net to client' under sqlplus via the same user as the java file connect with, after I ran the java file. and the results is amazing!!

Statistic value bytes sent via SQL*Net to client


I've got over 3 GB transmission data in 20 secs!! I've found out the problem is because I didn't close the connection in my JAVA file, but 3 GB transmission data is just impossible with some little select statements in the java file...

anyone knows how can this transmission happens? or it is a bug from Oracle??

Wenzheng. Received on Wed Aug 20 2008 - 20:36:32 CDT

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