Re: Newbie Question - What to use to open dump file?

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Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 18:07:07 -0700 (PDT)
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On Aug 19, 11:44 am, joel garry <> wrote:
> On Aug 19, 7:33 am, wrote:
> > On Aug 18, 10:46 am, "" <> wrote:
> > > On Aug 18, 10:40 am, wrote:
> > > > I have a customer that wanted me to look at some of their data.  They
> > > > gave me a dump file from there oracle database.  I don't have an
> > > > oracle system.  I was wondering if there is a standalone method of
> > > > using this data similar to MSDE type of MSSQL or the Sybase
> > > > SQLAnywhere single user software.  I don't mind spending some money on
> > > > a 1 user version of software, but I don't want to put in an entire
> > > > system for what may be a 1 time thing.  I downloaded a mobile lite
> > > > install, but if I understand the docs, it is the app server and client
> > > > tier of a three tier system.  What tool would you recommend?  Thanks
> > > > for your help.
> > > Any of the releases of Oracle would be free for such use, as far as I
> > > know.  However, to make a smaller 'footprint' on your system  you
> > > might look into Oracle XE.  Of course any of these are available'Downloads' page.
> > > David Fitzjarrell
> > I'm getting a message that says:
> > Not Compatible
> > Your export file is not supported.
> > When I run the import script. from the Oracle front end.  It runs for
> > a couple minutes and then this message pops up.  the version I have is
> > XE 10g and opening the dmp with a text editor says EXPORT:V09.09.00
> > so it was created with a lower version I think?  I am not sure of the
> > layout of the tables and what not so I don't know where to go from
> > here.  Any thoughts?
> > On a side note, playing with the sample hr db that comes with the XE
> > version is pretty slick.  I can see why people use oracle.
> I'm not sure because I don't have time to check just now, but there
> are new and old versions of import in 10g.  You need to use the old
> version.  Go into a dos command window and type imp system/
> yoursystempassword file=yourfilename log=yourfilename ignore=y and see
> if that doesn't work better.  (Taking a very brief look at the XE
> help, I'm wondering if it is expecting some sql file and calling it
> import, which would be a third way).  Please be sure and give exactly
> what you did so we can figure out issues like this, and be real
> explicity (cut-and-paste if possible) with error messages.
> jg
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Well, I used this command with full=y as well. I basically kept doing it and it would say some user didn't exist. I'd add them and in the end it all imported. I did it first on 9i because the messages bounced back were more specific. After I knew all the names, I added them all at once to the 10i system and the the import woked there as well. I will be off to get a book tomorrow as it looks like oacle might be fun to learn a bit more about.

The one queston I had was whether there is a size limit to the 10i express edition? The customer wants to send me a few huge dmp files to look at. This one was 42 meg. so I guess the others are much bigger. Thanks to all for your help! Received on Wed Aug 20 2008 - 20:07:07 CDT

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