Re: Passing queries from procedure call in a script ... possible?

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Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 00:09:42 GMT
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"Dereck L. Dietz" <> wrote in message news:WgIpk.23108$
> Oracle
> Windows 2003 Server
> UPDATE_PROCEDURE will update the DATES_TABLE but could be updated from
> different sources.
> How do I make the UPDATE_PROCEDURE able to accept different data sets
> retrieved from different cursors when the UPDATE_PROCEDURE procedure is
> called from different SQL scripts.
> I'm not experienced with reference cursors so I'm not sure if what I'm
> trying to do can be done or not. Would it be reference cursors, cursor
> variables or what?
> This UPDATE_PROCEDURE will be a packaged procedure which could be called
> by different processes to update the same table. However, each process
> will have different tables which create the data set to use to update the
> Currently this is all done in scripts and, for each process, there is a
> duplication of code for the update of the DATES_TABLE.
> Can a cursor be passed from a procedure call in a script and if so, is
> there any examples anywhere around?
> Thanks.

Not sure I understnad the question. Can you give an example? Do you mean (something like this, ignore syntaxs errors):

pkg_mypackage.update_procedure(i_dateid in number, i_date in date) as begin
  update dates_table set thedate=i_date where dateid=i_dateid; end;

You could call that procedure from any "source". eg
in a procedure
for l_rec in (select dateid ,thedate from one_table) loop   pkg_mypackage.update_procedure(l_rec.dateid,l_rec.thedate); end loop;

and in a different procedure:
for l_rec in (select a_dateid ,anothedate from two_table) loop   pkg_mypackage.update_procedure(l_rec.adateid,l_rec.anothedate); end loop;

Your question is not clear.
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