Re: Help, my developers are killing me with varchar2(4000)

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 17:24:53 -0700
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Noons wrote:

> very true. To use a db as a bit bucket is the negation
> of the very idea of building on previous work. Which is
> a characteristic of some current deranged development
> methodologies: nothing like re-inventing the wheel at every
> corner to guarantee a continuous stream of income, ain't it?
> Fact is: dbs have inbuilt mechanisms for type diversity
> and coherence as well as scalability. Already debugged,
> optimized and ready to work for any project, not just the
> flavour-de-jour. To ignore such a resource in the name of
> vague design notions never proven in any successful
> delivery borders on criminal...

Criminal is a reasonable description. If physicians are required to take an oath to "do no harm" ... developers and DBAs should do so too. Those that ignore the proven capabilities of industrial strength databases are those that couldn't answer a question about third-normal form if doing so would save them from drowning.

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