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Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 09:50:26 -0700
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Any of the above suggestions will work. If you installed Oracle without selecting the option to create a database during installation, or need to install another one, you need to run the DBCA. It should be under Configuration and Migration Tools in the Oracle Program group. Look for Database Configuration Assistant. It lets you create, configure, delete and manage databases. If you don't see that look for a file called dbca.bat. It will be in the bin directory of Oracle HOME It will launch the assistant.


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>I am new to Oracle.
>For a project at my work we need to model our system. The system will
>be developped with an Oracle (9i, 10) database.
>Now I want to create a personal oracle database on my personal
>computer (XP home SP3).
>But I don't know how. I am new as I said.
>what I want:
>create an oracle database
>Use Toad for Oracle to access it and create some SQL queries for our
>What do I need to create the oracle database?
>Best regards
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