Re: create database fatal error

From: Ana C. Dent <>
Date: Fri, 04 Jul 2008 17:27:28 GMT
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Tommy Halsbrekk <> wrote in news:g4lgqr$fds$

> wrote:

>> Surely. You are using the wrong tools for the wrong job.
>> Tools like OUI (Oracle Universal Installer) and DBCA (Database
>> Creation Assistant) all come with a silent mode.
>> Using silent mode, you would need to set up a template only once, and
>> you can use dbca from the commandline to create your database.

> I agree, but its not my call.
>> Your second problem is you don't even try to understand error
>> messages.

> With the enourmous complexity of Oracle systems its hard to understand
> anything without studying it or taking courses.
>> If you would have done so, you would have noticed your SYSTEM
>> tablespace is out of space.
>> Which is not surprising as a SYSTEM tablespace of 100M is a joke.
>> It needs to be 250M minimum.

> I saw the error message but its not a very informative message if you
> dont know what it means
> I revised the statment with larger numbers but I still get the same
> error message. I thought "size 500M" at the end of the system01.dbf
> the correct place to fix the problem, but I was mistaken. Any info is
> highly appreciated.
> create database ORACLE_SID
> controlfile reuse undo tablespace "undotbs"
> datafile
> 'ORACLE_BASE/oradata/ORACLE_SID/system01.dbf' size 500M
> sysaux datafile
> 'ORACLE_BASE/oradata/ORACLE_SID/sysaux01.dbf' size 500M
> logfile
> 'ORACLE_BASE/oradata/ORACLE_SID/redo01.dbf' size 50M,
> 'ORACLE_BASE/oradata/ORACLE_SID/redo02.dbf' size 50M
> extent management local
> default temporary tablespace mytemp
> tempfile
> 'ORACLE_BASE/oradata/ORACLE_SID/temp01.dbf' SIZE 500M
> noarchivelog
> maxdatafiles 1000
> maxlogfiles 10;
> regards
> tommy

We can only see what you post & what you post may not actually reflect reality.

I am *HIGHLY* suspicious of the SQL above for 2 reasons. 1) IMO, the "ORACLE_BASE" & "ORACLE_SID" I suspect should preceeded by dollar sign so they would be interpreted as environmental variables and not used as hard coded strings.

2) The SQL above contains "reuse undo tablespace" which it should to succeed on multiple retries; but it does NOT contain "reuse" for the other files. If it did not error out then I suspect multiple system01.dbf files exist. Who knows which is actually opened & being used.

OK, you have a problem, but nobody here has enough credible data to get you much closer to a working database.

It appears you know enough to dig yourself into a nice hole, but continue to flail away hoping to get back to level ground.

BTW, what actual OS name & version?
What version of Oracle to 4 decimal placess? Received on Fri Jul 04 2008 - 12:27:28 CDT

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