Re: create database fatal error

From: Tommy Halsbrekk <>
Date: Fri, 04 Jul 2008 17:49:55 +0100
Message-ID: <g4lgqr$fds$> wrote:

> Surely. You are using the wrong tools for the wrong job.
> Tools like OUI (Oracle Universal Installer) and DBCA (Database
> Creation Assistant) all come with a silent mode.
> Using silent mode, you would need to set up a template only once, and
> you can use dbca from the commandline to create your database.

I agree, but its not my call.

> Your second problem is you don't even try to understand error
> messages.

With the enourmous complexity of Oracle systems its hard to understand anything without studying it or taking courses.

> If you would have done so, you would have noticed your SYSTEM
> tablespace is out of space.
> Which is not surprising as a SYSTEM tablespace of 100M is a joke.
> It needs to be 250M minimum.

I saw the error message but its not a very informative message if you dont know what it means

I revised the statment with larger numbers but I still get the same error message. I thought "size 500M" at the end of the system01.dbf was the correct place to fix the problem, but I was mistaken. Any info is highly appreciated.

create database ORACLE_SID

   controlfile reuse undo tablespace "undotbs"    datafile
     'ORACLE_BASE/oradata/ORACLE_SID/system01.dbf' size 500M    sysaux datafile
     'ORACLE_BASE/oradata/ORACLE_SID/sysaux01.dbf' size 500M    logfile

     'ORACLE_BASE/oradata/ORACLE_SID/redo01.dbf' size 50M,
     'ORACLE_BASE/oradata/ORACLE_SID/redo02.dbf' size 50M
   extent management local
   default temporary tablespace mytemp
     'ORACLE_BASE/oradata/ORACLE_SID/temp01.dbf' SIZE 500M    noarchivelog
   maxdatafiles 1000
   maxlogfiles 10;


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