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From: sparks <>
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2008 11:36:18 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>


Try to restore some datafiles of an instance in order to create another database. Need this to restore a single table. However the restore fails: it tells me that the datafile is in use or in recovery. Looks it tries to recover the actual instance but that's not what I want. Just need the datafiles. This is the script I use. Can someone give me a hint where I am going wrong? I have gone to all the rman official documentation ...


connect target /
run {

         allocate channel tc1 type 'SBT_TAPE'
         send 'NSR_ENV=(NSR_SERVER=live,

         allocate channel tc2 type 'SBT_TAPE'
         send 'NSR_ENV=(NSR_SERVER=live,
 set until '26-JUN-08';
 set newname for datafile '/data/oradata/live/sysaux01.dbf' to '/data/ oradata/restore/sysaux01.dbf';
 set newname for datafile '/data/oradata/live/system01.dbf' to '/data/ oradata/restore/system01.dbf';
 set newname for datafile '/data/oradata/live/undotbs01.dbf' to '/data/ oradata/restore/undotbs01.dbf';
 set newname for datafile '/data/oradata/live/comp900_01.dbf' to '/ data/oradata/restore/comp900_01.dbf';
 restore datafile '/data/oradata/live/sysaux01.dbf','/data/oradata/ live/system01.dbf','/data/oradata/live/undotbs01.dbf','/data/oradata/ live/comp900_01.dbf';
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