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Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 20:45:28 -0400
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On Mon, 30 Jun 2008 16:55:55 -0700, DA Morgan <> wrote:

> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I got some guidance earlier (TA!) about what possibilities their were
>> for slicig and dicing 3 X18 GB disks on a Sun 440 development box for
>> Oracle 10G. So now current plan is to put Solaris 10 and query app on
>> disk1, oracle product on a 5G B slice /u01 on disk2 and data on disk3 /
>> u02.
>> I know the data is not secure cos nothing is mirrored, but we are
>> going to run in for a month, which should produce about 18GB of data,
>> before we can move to production.
>> Maybe I should create another slice or two on disk3 and use them for
>> logging for example, to try and add some performance - I have not yet
>> installed 10G R2 and am not shooting for ASM this time round.
>> Any hints appreciated!
>> Max
>My personal recommendation would be to use them as a boat anchor and
>get one really fast SATA drive for $50.
>But if they are what you have ... then SAME ... Stripe and Mirror


I use a 440 for development - does a fine job. If you really are limited to 3 18GB disks, however, you don't have enough drives or disk space to stripe and mirror. Slicing the disks up the way you are describing is a waste of time. You will get zero benefit and quite probably make it more difficult to manage the space for your database. When you install Solaris, create the least number and largest size partitions that you can.

BTW - SCSI drives are cheap on eBay.

Good Luck,
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