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Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 13:48:29 -0400
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>> >Folks,
>> >  I have always worked on Sun/HP platforms in the past. There it was
>> >clear to install the Oracle kernel under an "Oracle" OS account, as
>> >opposed to root.
>> >  However, now I have to install it on a Windows 2003 64-bit platform.
>> >Do most DBAs installing on MSWin install as the "administrator"
>> >account, or also create an "oracle" account and make it a member of
>> >the admin group?
>> >What are the pros/cons of it on MSWin?
>> >11g/ASM/RAC in case it matters.
>> >thanks.
>> Most DBAs read the installation documentation and use the *local*
>> administrator account, as specified by the documentation.
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>> Sybrand Bakker
>> Senior Oracle DBA
>Really? I'm guessing that you have not "read the installation
>documentation" then because it states:
>To install the Oracle Database software:
> 1. Log on as a member of the Administrators group to the
>computer on which you want to install Oracle components.
> If you are installing on a Primary Domain Controller (PDC)
>or a Backup Domain Controller (BDC), log on as a member of the Domain
>Administrators group.
>as specified in: OracleŽ Database Installation Guide,11g Release 1
>(11.1) for Microsoft Windows,Part Number B32006-03
>Since you read the documentation, please show me where it says to use
>the *local* administrator account. Because, nowhere that I have found
>does it state to use the "local administrator account". It states to
>be a "member of the Administrators group". So my question is still
>valid: Are most of you out there installing as "Administrator" or as
>an "Oracle" account that is a member of the administrators group?

I can't tell you for certain what is "right" or even what the documentation suggests. I have installed Oracle many, many times and teach others to do so. I always recommend - not using the Administrator account. That account will be shared by system administrators, will likely need to have the password changed when someone leaves the group. Some sites don't want dba's to have the Administrator password. Likewise most dba's don't want system administrators to have the oracle password. Whatever account you use to install Oracle, will, of course, need to be a member of the administrators group. Administrator does not need to be a member of the ora_dba group.

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