Re: Oracle 9iR2 32bit on windows 2003 server 64bit

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Date: Sun, 08 Jun 2008 16:34:33 GMT
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"marco" <> wrote in message
> Hi all,
> I've been requested to install Oracle 9i R2 32bit on windows 2003
> server (enterprise) 64 bit running on a AMD architecture.
> Looking at compatibility matrix on metalink, it seems that this is not
> a supported scenario.
> Moreover, the FAQs indicate that it is possible to run Oracle 9i 32bit
> on AMD 64 bit hardware running windows 2003 32 bit. Anyway, our client
> "needs" both windows 64b and oracle 9i.
> Now the question: has anyone ever installed and used the original
> requested configuration (like the subject of this post)??
> Suggestion??
> thank you very much in advance.
> M.

What is the "reasoning"? (Is it some misguided conception that things will run faster?) Oracle won't use the extra memory in the machine. It can't address it. If Oracle does not support the configuration what is the client going to do when they call support and Oracle says "We don't support that

combination.  Please install into a supported configuration and then we will 
support you."  I hope they aren't niave enough to think that 1. Oracle won't 
say that. 2. They can brow beat the Support Tech/manager etc. into giving 
them support anyway. 3. They won't ever have to call support. Isn't their data important to them?
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