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Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2008 03:05:28 GMT
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> Thank you for your replies.
> Personally I don't see opening a cursor as a bad thing.
> As far as I know any read from the database requires a cursor, even if
> it is implied.
> My issue is with the DBA talking out of his *&^, stating that .Net
> apps and MS development is bad in some way.
> In any case, I wrote an app in .Net and did 153k reads in a row
> without any issues.
> In this test I used both api's the System.Data.Oracle (MS) and
> Oracle.DataClient (OR).
> In this loop, I used a command with datareader, a command with execute
> scalar, and dataadapter.
> If using a datareader, you must close the reader and the connection.
> If using the executescalar, close the connection.
> if using the dataadapter, you don't need to do anything.
> Each command opened a cursor.

At a low level .Net and just about any other technology (to connect to Oracle) has to go through OCI (Oracle Call Interface). It is well documented and the methods to increase performance are well documented. I am not familiar with .Net programming, but I am sure if you follow the usual Oracle Application Development guidleines things will be fine. (use parameterized queries etc.)
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