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From: Tony Rogerson <>
Date: Sun, 25 May 2008 09:46:46 +0100
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Be VERY VERY careful as a lot of the information on that link is both wrong and biased 100% towards Oracle.

I've tasked Denial Again with correcting it but he just won't.

One of the many errors is his storage concepts; it's all wrong.

A database has one (the primary) or many file groups; these file groups can have 1 or many physical files, we place objects on file groups and not files.

Another one is the IN and OUT parameters where he states we only have IN and OUT parameters - below is an example of IN-OUT....

Create proc x

    @parm int output

    set @parm = @parm * 10

declare @inout int
set @inout = 10
exec x @parm = @inout OUTPUT

print @inout

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