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From: Mike Jones <>
Date: Sat, 10 May 2008 08:57:32 -0600
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"" <> wrote in message On May 9, 8:47 am, bhonaker <> wrote:
>> > The question I have is, is there any downside to me buying, say, a 32G
>> > box and setting the SGA size at 20G? Will I actually end up harming my
>> > performance with an over-large SGA (assuming I have enough physical
>> > memory to keep the box out of swap)?
>> Since everyone is busy telling you how to tune instead of answering
>> your question, you might have to infer that the answer is "No, there
>> is no downside to adding memory." That's my takeaway from no
>> negatives pointed out anyway...
> Then you're not reading the entire thread, as I posted that installing
> all of the physical memory a server can accept, then allocating 80% of
> that to the database would be wasteful, to say the least. Knowing
> that this is a Windows operating sytem, which requires 2 gig for the
> operating system alone, may make that 80% allocation 'impossible' thus
> creating a scenario of constant paging/swapping to/from disk. Of
> course even a successful allocation of that much memory to the SGA
> would create a paging/swapping situation as PGA components may require
> more free memory than is available. Which, in turn, sends performance
> into the proverbial dumpster.

How did you reach the conclusion the OP is running Windows? I saw nothing in their posts which indicated which OS they were using.

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