Re: Oracle chief architect says there ought to be one Linux distribution: Red Hat

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Date: Thu, 8 May 2008 09:48:25 -0400
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>> * Roy Schestowitz peremptorily fired off this memo:
>>> Oracle just wants to freeload GNU/Linux _in its entirety_. When will it
>>> actually give something back? Oh, that's right. Ellison's vocabulary is
>>> missing the word "give".
>> Of course! The personal competition between Gates and Ellison over who
>> was wealthiest has been written in a number of articles and books.
>> Here's an example of their dynamic, at least as it stood a decade ago:
>> Such digs on Gates are now a well-rehearsed Ellison soliloquy. In
>> keynote speeches, informal gatherings and private interviews, the
>> Oracle chief slips easily into long rants on what he sees as Gates'
>> quest to dominate everything Microsoft touches. One favorite Ellison
>> refrain is that Gates wants a world of "Microsoft English."
>> . . .
>> Disagreeing with a point Ellison made, Gates concluded that he would
>> "have to think about that," and abruptly hung up the phone. Over six
>> hours later, Gates called back and said he ultimately agreed with
>> Ellison and "continued the conversation as if nothing had even
>> happened," Ellison said, expressing his disbelief.
>> That Gates should spend half a day mulling over a minor point was a
>> "revelation" to Ellison, who realized that his erstwhile friend is
>> "a very unusual person." Moreover, Gates is "the most aggressive,
>> the most single-minded...the most ambitious person I have ever met
>> in my life," said Ellison, whose own personal fortune stands at
>> about $6 billion.
>> Again, a question: More ambitious than even Larry Ellison?
>> "I have hobbies. I do all sorts of ridiculous things," outside of
>> work, countered Ellison. Gates, whose "entire life is Microsoft"
>> would never consider hobbies enjoyed by Ellison, such as sailboat
>> racing and "reading books," said Ellison, the owner of a Machetti
>> Italian jet fighter and the richest citizen of "The Golden State."
>> . . .
>> Ellison laughed when asked if he plays Churchill to Gates' Fuhrer in
>> his own duel over who will dominate the computer industry.

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I'm sure that things like the penis size of men is something that Roy Schestowitz has a personal interest in.

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