Re: Inserts and db file sequential reads

From: Jonathan Lewis <>
Date: Sun, 4 May 2008 09:38:18 +0100
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"William Robertson" <> wrote in message
> On May 2, 11:52 pm, wrote:
> INSERT /*+ APPEND */ is only applicable to INSERT SELECT, not INSERT
> VALUES. Just as well, as each INSERT /*+ APPEND */ uses new blocks
> above the high water mark rather than looking for space in existing
> blocks, so unless each row uses exactly one block it could waste a
> load of space.


I nearly made the same comment in my post, and then I decided to hedge my bets a little because I wasn't sure that it would be true in all cases.

The one that crossed my mind was the pl/sql array insert looking something like:

    for all i in 1..m_ct

        insert into tableX values(m_array1(i), m_array2(i) ...);

It operates as a genuine array insert - which means that /*+ append */ may be relevant - but it does have a values() clause - which means that /*+ append */ may be ignored.

Does your comment apply in this case as well as the single-row case ? I didn't have time to run up a test case to check.


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