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From: Lothar Armbrüster <>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 20:30:25 +0200
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> Hi All,
> I've got what I think is a simple question. We have a 10g database,
> and I'm trying to run a batch file that uses 'sqlldr' to check a
> control file and then update the database. The batch file will run on
> the db server of course, the problem is that it cannot be run from a
> client PC because 'sqlldr' isn't on that PC. I'm trying to figure out
> what I need to download from oracle in order to have sqlldr.exe
> installed. I've gleaned the fact that I can use the Oracle 10g install
> CD to do this, but it would appear that I would have to install the
> actual database software, which is way more stuff than I need,
> especially on a workstation. Can anyone tell me the bare-minimum I
> need to download from Oracle's website?

You need to download the Oracle client software. With that you can choose what to install. sqlldr is part of the utilities. The Oracle Universal Installer should select anything that the utilities are dependant on.
Beware not to download the Instant Client since that is just for getting an application connected to Oracle and does not contain the database utilities.
You should also be aware the loading large amounts of data over the network isn't that performant.


Hope that helps,

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