Re: how can I get bind values for another session? There are conditions..

From: Mark D Powell <>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 06:30:11 -0700 (PDT)
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On Apr 11, 6:10 am, sybrandb <> wrote:
> On Apr 11, 11:09 am, wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I have a question about oracle10g. How can I get the bind variables?
> > Here is a description of the situation:
> > 1. A java process starts a stored procedure via jdbc.
> > 2. The procedure has a number of bind variables as input.
> > 3. The java process does NOT commit but just sleeps.
> > 4. I can't change the statistics_level (it must be typical).
> > 5. I cannot predict when this happens and I cannot trace all sessions
> > from that user due to performance requirements.
> > Can I use oradebug somehow?
> > Thanks for your help!
> Do you  really need to post this on every forum you can spell?
> Why don't you just:
> select * from dict where table_name like '%BIND%'  and read the docs?
> --
> Sybrand Bakker
> Senior Oracle DBA

On Sybrand's query produced 7 hits: 3 dictionary views and 4 v $ views (2 gv$ and the 2 v$). None of these will expose another's sessions bind variables.

All binding functions for operators available to the user

All operator binding functiosn or methods

All binding functions or methods on operators defined by the user

Synonym for GV_$SQL_BIND_DATA


Synonym for V_$SQL_BIND_DATA


The oradebug command set might be able to give you the information you want but I do not know how. Perhaps a process dump?

I suspect you will have to modify the code to capture and record (via an anonymous transaction) parameter information as desired based on some condition you set. Perhaps you add a debug parameter to the procedure or in the code check a trace on table for the module name and user and when found the routine records data.

One possible source of a problem: take a look at the error handling within the existing code and take a look at the code to see if NULL values being found for any data queried by the routine may not have been taken into consideration by the designer.

HTH -- Mark D Powell -- Received on Fri Apr 11 2008 - 08:30:11 CDT

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