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From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 09:32:22 -0700
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hpuxrac wrote:
> On Mar 11, 11:44 am, DA Morgan <> wrote:

>> Mr. Chow Wing Siu wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> After reading the discussion of Oracle on Windows or UNIX,
>>> I would like to discuss Oracle on Solaris or Linux.
>>> Any point or idea on either of them?
>>> Thank you very much.
>>> --
>>> Johnson Chow
>> Choose the one that makes the best fit with the in-house expertise
>> of your *NIX Sys Admins.
>> If they know Solaris get Solaris.
>> If not then get management to give you a firm quote on available
>> training money.
>> If the budget will provide sufficient training it doesn't matter.
>> If the training budget is mediocre or non-existent choose Linux.

> For once I agree with most of what Captain Morgan wrote above.
> Until the last sentence. The patching process for solaris ( and hpux
> for that matter ) is very mature and proven. Between built in
> monitoring tools and rock solid diagnostics capabilities ... the
> training for either solaris or linux is probably very comparable.
> Lots of choices for books in either os also.

Given your acknowledged lack of expertise with Linux, just yesterday you said your team was looking into it and asked about microprobe, I think you underestimate Linux.

That said the capabilities of Solaris run far deeper than those in Linux and to master Linux is easier than mastering Solaris thus my advice.

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