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Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 16:29:41 -0700
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Jerry Stuckle wrote:
> gazzag wrote:

>> On 11 Mar, 16:55, Jerry Stuckle <> wrote:
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>>> Oh, and BTW - what a colossal waste of time.  How often does one have to
>>> install Oracle, anyway?  If it's more than once per system, then you
>>> need to go to a better product.
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>> Installing and configuring an Oracle installation is valuable
>> experience.  I'd consider it a valid part of a decent course.
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> My customers would consider installation a complete waste of time. If
> it's that hard to install, maybe people should use a different product.
> DB2 comes to mind.
> In the time his students take to install Oracle, our DB2 Admin students
> have learned about the tuning parameters, explained SQL statements to
> determine why things run slowly and tuned the system for better
> performance.

You teach all of that in less than an hour. Whoa am I impressed. In the Oracle world we sometimes take two, even three hours to teach tuning parameters, explained SQL and to triage performance issues.


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