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Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2008 06:39:00 GMT
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> Hi,
> I'm looking around for opinions.
> We're running Oracle 10g, we have the need now for a VARCHAR2 column
> with 6000 characters. I know the standard thing is to create a LOB
> column.
> We have not LOB column in our database. I have 2 options here:
> The first is to create 2 columns, and, use a function on SELECT and a
> trigger in INSERT to split or concatenate the string.
> The second is to use a LOB column, and if I do that, it may have to be
> compatible with PHP, as PHP may be selecting the data......maybe.
> So, I'm looking for opinions on people who have done this, or used LOB
> columns, since we never have....
> Thanks!

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