Re: How secure is ASM? any encryption possible?

From: Michael Austin <>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 17:42:54 -0600
Message-ID: <nymxj.7202$> wrote:
> Ok so what I was looking at was Transparent Tablespace Encryption
> Sadly only works in 11

Transparent column Encryption works on 8i/9i/10g - you would need to encrypt all columns in all tables in all tablespaces.

> So my question still stands , how secure are tablespaces and data
> stored on an ASM partition.

Look at all of the features of ASO (Advanced Security Option) and be aware that it is an extra-cost license.

You really can't encrypt the ASM devices/partitions *outside* of ASM and have ASM know how to encrypt/decrypt them for the database engine. You would need to use ASO to secure the data. On a PC this is truly a disaster waiting to happen.

First rule of security - you MUST assume someone HAS ALREADY cracked whatever 3rd party tool you have securing the laptop.

 From a security perspective:
Personal Identifiable Information should NEVER EVER be allowed on a laptop.

Corporate Trade Secrets should NEVER EVER be allowed on a laptop.

Laptops are for data YOU can "throw away" and WE do not have to worry about seeing on the nightly news.

IMPO, anything less is negligence. Received on Wed Feb 27 2008 - 17:42:54 CST

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