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From: shakespeare <>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 21:31:47 +0100
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>>I thought that the dip-server was not going to be nessesary in this
>> case since it is an EXPORT. As I understand it, the DIP-server only
>> lissens for changes in a remot directory so it can trigger the import.
>> But this is a EXPORT only synchonization profile from OID to a LDIF-
>> file.
>> I give the command:
>> # oidctl connect=mm server=odisrv instance=2 config=1
>> flags="port=3060" status
>> And the result shows that oidmon, oidldapd and odisrv are all
>> active. OIDREPLD is not configurated.
>> I also tested the sampe profile for LDIF-export. I created an entry
>> under dn: dc=mtldif02,dc=com as described in the mapping file
>> :
>> # Sample file for mapping LDIF files to OID
>> # This file is for importing data from a LDIF file to OID
>> # All the entries in the LDIF file are within the domain
>> 'dc=mtldif02,dc=com'
>> # Attributes are mapped one to one
>> DomainRules
>> dc=mtldif02,dc=com:
>> AttributeRules
>> uid: : :person:uid
>> cn: : :person:cn
>> sn: : :person:sn
>> birthday: : :organizationalperson
>> mail: : :inetOrgperson
>> employeenumber: : :inetOrgperson
>> c: : :country
>> ssn: : :person
>> sex: : :person
>> title: : :organizationalperson
>> postaladdress: : :person
>> telephonenumber: : :person
>> l: : :locality
>> I made changes to my entry, but nothing was exported. Not even a file
>> created in the export directory. An status is allways NOT EXECUTED
>> YET. Note also that the comment in this file must be wrong, this is a
>> mapping file for OID to LDIF, not the other way around as stated in
>> the comment.
>> So, to sum up, I still cant get my synchornization profile to start
>> executing.
> You might be right about dip-server not needed here, but I wonder how you
> would have your export to start otherwise... I use dip for import only, so
> you could be right here.
> Dip server is not 'listening'. It's getting kicked off by oidmon every now
> and then and starts to read the other directory to check for changes
> (using the last change number).
> BUt to see how it works, I just tried it. With dip-server on, and the
> profile enabled (did you do that?) it fired after 60 seconds and fires
> every minute.... so it does use odisrv.
> If you look in OID manager, you hav to refresh your providers to see the
> actual result (the screen does not update automatically)
> And also important: you only get CHANGED entries in your LDIF, so if
> nothing changes, no output! If you want the initial content, you'll have
> to bootstrap your profile!
> (dipassistant bs... etc)
> Shakespeare

You can check your logfiles at oracle_home/ldap/odi/log/<profilename>.trc to see what happened....

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