Re: Oracle Internet Directory, Integration Server

From: shakespeare <>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 21:25:10 +0100
Message-ID: <479a45a8$0$85786$>

"Mattias" <> schreef in bericht
>I thought that the dip-server was not going to be nessesary in this
> case since it is an EXPORT. As I understand it, the DIP-server only
> lissens for changes in a remot directory so it can trigger the import.
> But this is a EXPORT only synchonization profile from OID to a LDIF-
> file.
> I give the command:
> # oidctl connect=mm server=odisrv instance=2 config=1
> flags="port=3060" status
> And the result shows that oidmon, oidldapd and odisrv are all
> active. OIDREPLD is not configurated.
> I also tested the sampe profile for LDIF-export. I created an entry
> under dn: dc=mtldif02,dc=com as described in the mapping file
> :
> # Sample file for mapping LDIF files to OID
> # This file is for importing data from a LDIF file to OID
> # All the entries in the LDIF file are within the domain
> 'dc=mtldif02,dc=com'
> # Attributes are mapped one to one
> DomainRules
> dc=mtldif02,dc=com:
> AttributeRules
> uid: : :person:uid
> cn: : :person:cn
> sn: : :person:sn
> birthday: : :organizationalperson
> mail: : :inetOrgperson
> employeenumber: : :inetOrgperson
> c: : :country
> ssn: : :person
> sex: : :person
> title: : :organizationalperson
> postaladdress: : :person
> telephonenumber: : :person
> l: : :locality
> I made changes to my entry, but nothing was exported. Not even a file
> created in the export directory. An status is allways NOT EXECUTED
> YET. Note also that the comment in this file must be wrong, this is a
> mapping file for OID to LDIF, not the other way around as stated in
> the comment.
> So, to sum up, I still cant get my synchornization profile to start
> executing.

You might be right about dip-server not needed here, but I wonder how you would have your export to start otherwise... I use dip for import only, so you could be right here.
Dip server is not 'listening'. It's getting kicked off by oidmon every now and then and starts to read the other directory to check for changes (using the last change number).

BUt to see how it works, I just tried it. With dip-server on, and the profile enabled (did you do that?) it fired after 60 seconds and fires every minute.... so it does use odisrv.
If you look in OID manager, you hav to refresh your providers to see the actual result (the screen does not update automatically)

And also important: you only get CHANGED entries in your LDIF, so if nothing changes, no output! If you want the initial content, you'll have to bootstrap your profile!
(dipassistant bs... etc)

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