Re: Tablespace quota when user not in DB_TS_QUOTAS?

From: DG problem <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 14:40:40 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

On Jan 23, 5:34 pm, "Vladimir M. Zakharychev" <> wrote:
> On Jan 23, 5:02 am, DG problem <> wrote:
> > on HP-UX
> > If a user has not been granted UNLIMITED TABLESPACE and the user doe
> > not appear in DB_TS_QUOTAS then what determines how much tablespace
> > quota a user has?
> > I recently had a user experience ORA-01536 and thus was not able to
> > insert any records. The problem was fixed by granting UNLIMITED
> > TABLESPACE, however, how can I check that this doesn't happen to
> > another user?
> > Also, only the user received the error message. Nothing appeared in
> > the alert logs which was frustrating as the problem wasn't not
> > apparent to me until the user called me. Is it possible to get this
> > error output to the alert logs?
> If a user doesn't have UNLIMITED TABLESPACE privilege and was not
> explicitly granted some quota for certain tablespace, then the quota
> is 0 bytes - the user will be unable to create any objects in that
> tablespace. ALTER USER xxx QUOTA {size|UNLIMITED} ON tablespace_name
> should've taken care of the issue, UNLIMITED TABLESPACE allows the
> grantee to consume space in *any* tablespace.
> Afaik, you can't force ORA-01950 or ORA-01536 to go into the alert
> log, so you need to rely on end user's experience for their detection
> and resolution.
> Regards,
>    Vladimir M. Zakharychev
>    N-Networks, makers of Dynamic PSP(tm)


I guess I won't know why the error occurred as upon further research, the user appears to have had UNLIMITED TABLESPACE even though he still go the error :(

Although granting it again appeared to fix the problem. I might have to put it in the weird category and hope it doesn't happen again. Received on Wed Jan 23 2008 - 16:40:40 CST

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