Re: ADDM advices Oracle's application logic

From: Frank van Bortel <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 16:08:09 +0100
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Helma wrote:

> On 22 jan, 12:58, Frank van Bortel <> wrote:

>> Helma wrote:
>>> :) Ah, a world with plentora of time and resources. Unfortunately this
>>> is my last week here and the machine is in production, hurries to
>>> reload and recalculate December's records.
>> Ah - was afraid of that, would have been too good...
>> The IO is still
>>> unpredictable to me. I just added 2 more datafiles, it took about
>>> 8minutes each. Yesterday - before taking in production - it took
>>> about 54 minutes.
>> Very odd indeed: 54 vs 8 minutes?!?
>> And the IO is still at around 33Mb per second. Let's> see what i can find. But thank you for staying with me Frank!
>> You're welcome. I still try to get a grid on local vs remote
>> storage, HW RAID against SW, etc, etc. Just do not have the
>> resources to get the hardware, but it would be a nice shoot-out:
>> local vs remote (network), h/w vs s/w.
>> I think those NAS/SAN boys would be in for a surprise. I think
>> CEO's would be in for a surprise; I think computing can be very
>> cheap, using standard hardware, and just buy an extra spare.
>> No need for expensive "fast, reliable" SCSI - it is not faster, or
>> more reliable. You seem to be proving it is not faster, Google has
>> proven it is not more reliable than (S)ATA.
>> I'm from the old KISS school :)
>> --
>> Regards,
>> Frank van Bortel
>> Top-posting in UseNet newsgroups is one way to shut me up
> Yes, throwing hardware at it to make up for the lack of knowledge is
> indeed a timetested  solution.
> I'm trying to keep it simple - but not everything is in my control.
> H.
> The old KISS school? With the tongue of Gene Simmons i presume? ;)
That, too, though I never was their greatest fan.

Frank van Bortel

Top-posting in UseNet newsgroups is one way to shut me up
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