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From: Frank van Bortel <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 13:03:41 +0100
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john_sm wrote:
> Hello all. We are just starting up an IT Services Consulting company, we are
> currently 3 people, our current skills are Oracle DBA & MYSQL, and somewhat
> SQL Server, and we will like to learn from your experience. First is
> regarding the Hardware - what hardware and OS do you currently use and what
> hardware and OS do you think you may use over the next year or so. Do you
> have any favorite hardware vendor, and if so why. Also, among Oracle
> Database, SQL Server Database, Websphere and MYSQL, are you seeing any one
> database doing better than the rest. Also, we would like to get your views,
> if we want to also offer Business Intelligence services, are you seeing any
> one BI solution being a favorite over the other. Thanks for helping us

As you are in startup, I'd consider license-free OS (Linux?) and simple main stream hardware - PC Class++ that is. Intel/AMD is a nobrainer - buy what is cheapest! There's no gain in hardware RAID vs Software RAID from a business point of view, so stay way from that. SAN/NAS, ditto.

Also, there is no benefit in concentrating on "the best" product, as the market is not lead by technical merits, but by marketing humbug. Just concentrate on large market share(s). You're in it for the business.

Webspere is not a database, so are you just trying to start a flame war, or what?


Frank van Bortel

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