Re: can someone please explain what this blog tagging this is all about?

From: hpuxrac <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 15:36:30 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 16, 3:33 pm, wrote:


> > If you don't care to explain that's fine but don't guess that everyone
> > is out to get you or isn't potentially sympathetic.
> Come on. I've explained very clearly the actions of others which
> caused this. I'm not naming specific names (apart from Jake who
> started it all and Tim Hall who made a special point of telling people
> to tag away because "it's fun"), for obvious reasons: there are too
> many of them.

I seem to recall some past bad blood between you and Tim Hall. No I don't understand the beginning or middle just that you have decided to take your website offline.

It's not exactly the first or second or third time ( fourth maybe who knows ? ) that all the content was removed from a website that you operated. Usually the reason in the past was new software.

There seems to be a different reason this time based on what you are saying.

> I've explained why I found those actions unacceptable. I've explained
> why my decision to remove the site arises directly from me finding
> those actions unnaceptable. I have also explained the financial
> implications very, very clearly.


> If you don't care to read any of that, that's fine. If you don't agree
> with my reasoning, that's fine. But please don't try to suggest I've
> not presented all the facts and thought processes at all!

Where exactly is one supposed to find your explanation? Is there a url?

> Meanwhile, what I don't think people really understand is that I don't
> **care** if people are sympathetic or not or out to get me or not. I
> withdraw from the community and what the community then thinks about
> me is a matter of complete indifference.

I think the idea of an "oracle community" is very much oversold. Just lots of people trying to stay employed basically. Look at the self promotion that many of the cdos posters engage in. Received on Wed Jan 16 2008 - 17:36:30 CST

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