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Re: Storage problems with Oracle Blobs.

From: Jon <>
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 01:19:12 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

On Dec 6, 1:18 am, DA Morgan <> wrote:
> Jon wrote:
> > Please can we try and get back to the original question of the
> > topic... As I have tried to explain, this is not a production
> > environment it is a test environment run on virtual servers that can
> > only be accessed by myself.
> Sorry but I'm not buying what your selling. And given that I am a
> volunteer here that is both my right and privilege. Just a day ago
> you provided an explanation of what you are doing that is in direct
> conflict with this statement so I think the responsible thing is to
> no take part in what I perceive to be a charade. Others may be more
> charitable: That is their right.
> --
> Daniel A. Morgan
> Oracle Ace Director & Instructor
> University of Washington
> (replace x with u to respond)
> Puget Sound Oracle Users

As you wish.

Just for the record, I am a UK based senior developer who spends a lot of time doing project R&D. Therefore I do have a raft of virtual machines running all manner of configurations with Oracle being just one of a few. All of these virtual machines are only available to the development, and occasionally the QA teams. Because of this I fail to see how I can be in violation of any laws as the systems only hold the data that we manually key into them?!

When replying to posts you should take time to consider that not everyone has the boundaries that you do within your particular geographic region or business unit. Not everyone is working on a production system or even a system that is likely to go into production.

I thank you for your time; I will continue to research the issue myself.
Unfortunately our software, while designed for a structured database environment, the IBM iSeries, must also support other lesser structured database environments such as MS Access and Oracle. Received on Thu Dec 06 2007 - 03:19:12 CST

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